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Extending DDDAUDIT functionality

Running the DDDAUDIT.SQR process is something every PeopleSoft administrator should do on a regular basis, because it detects flaws between objects in the database and the corresponding definitions in the PeopleSoft data dictionary.
In normal maintenance life however this process doesn’t run that often, so the output can be quite large. Also, when running a DDDAudit […]

OpenWorld 2007: Review

General OpenWorld news
OpenWorld 2007 facts and figures:
- From 11 November until 15 November 2007
- 43.000 visitors (124 different countries)
- 1.625 sessions
- 600 demo products
- 73.000 hotel rooms
- 178 Shuttle busses
- 60.144 chairs
- 45.000 setup hours
Use this link to view all keynotes:
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OpenWorld 2007: Day 4

General OpenWorld news
No keynotes on the last day of OpenWorld.
Podcast: Oracle and Sun VMs, Fusion revelations and more…
This week on the Dan & David Show we discuss the big news from Oracle OpenWorld–virtualization platforms from Oracle and Sun and the latest revelations about Oracle’s Fusion applications.
Check this link ( for some interesting podcasts.
Use this link […]

OpenWorld 2007: Day 3

General OpenWorld news
Although Larry Ellison isn’t a great performer on stage (my personal opinion!) everybody is looking forward to his keynote on OpenWorld as there always will be an announcement. This year’s announcement was Oracle VM (it has been announced three times this week). Some highlight from the presentation:
New server virtualization software and support

Free product […]

OpenWorld 2007: Day 2

General OpenWorld news
There where two important keynote sessions on the second day of OpenWorld. The first one was from Thomas Kurian, which is the Senior VP of Fusion Middleware. We haven’t been able to follow the keynote live so have a look at the keynote website to watch the keynote yourself.
The second keynote was from […]

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