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July 23rd, 2012

Value Propositions for HCM and FSCM 9.2

Today Oracle released their value propositions for both HCM and FSCM 9.2

What are the most outstanding items in their lists? There are some, but what leaps out most is the common list in both documents. Items like iPad certification (with Safari as browser) and Pivot Grids are nice, yet not HCM nor FSCM related. They come with the package deal (PeopleTools 8.52).

One more common item stands out before we run to the specific lists.

December 16th, 2011

Want to get a glimpse of Fusion Applications?

By now, most of us know it takes more resources to run a Fusion Applications environment, than any other ERP system. Creating a local sandbox, to acquire knowledge and experience of  Fusion Applications, is not done on local servers anymore.

Do not despair …

August 20th, 2011

OPN Provides Fusion Learning Center Access to Partners

As of August 15, 2011 Oracle PartnerNetwork provided hundreds of Oracle Fusion Applications self-paced learning assets to partners!

Yes, it is true, with this Oracle has shown to be commited to deliver Fusion Applications as a serious part of the Oracle stack and not just a hype as many skeptics would like to position a Apps wich they have not seen yet.

Fusion Learning Center can be accessed through the following link.

Way to go Oracle!



July 19th, 2011

Installing Oracle Fusion Applications: Where to start

On 22 May 2011 Oracle Fusion Applications (Beta version) was available for download on eDelivery.

What is Oracle Fusion Applications:

‘Designed from the ground up using the latest technology advances and incorporating the best practices gathered from Oracle’s thousands of customers, Oracle Fusion Applications are 100% open-standards-based business applications that set a new standard for the way we innovate, work, and adopt technology’ (

To give you an impression of the end product see this demo.

To give an idea of the infrastructure of Oracle Fusion Applications, see the next picture.

This post and all posting still to come, will describe the installation steps to install Oracle Fusion Applications.

May 12th, 2011

Suspense Accounting: Be aware of the difference between 11i and R12

In Release 11i you could setup suspense accounting via enabling a checkbox and filling a code combination field. However in R12 there is no checkbox anymore. So be aware when you upgrade from 11i to R12 that the suspense accounting can be activated without knowing.

In R12 Oracle only looks if you have filled the code combination field. So if you have switched off the suspense account checkbox in 11i (on Set Of Books)  but the code combination field was filled, the suspense accounting will automatically be activated when you upgrade to R12.