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What’s BAOA about?
Blogging About Oracle Applications (BAOA) is a blog about Oracle…and it’s applications. It’s a multi author blog of the Oracle Applcations team of Logica Netherlands.

Who’s writing, when, about what and how often?
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Do you accept guest posts?
Yes. Anyone interested in the tags and categories of this blog is welcome to submit a guest post, which will be moderated first…just to make sure it fits within the scope of this blog ;)
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Writing a post

How do I get started as a (guest) blogger?
This quick tutorial should get you started fast, once you’re logged in.
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How do I insert/embed media files in a post?
Yet another step-by-step video tut. Should you get any issues when uploading, don’t hesitate to contact us.

My article is too long for the frontpage. How do I slice this?
See this video tut for usage of the ‘more’ tag.

Profiling and promoting

Can I get a photo/image/avatar along my name also.
Just get your self a gravatar and your picture will be shown automatically, also on other blogs as long as you identify yourself with the same email address.

Individual author RSS feeds
All BAOA bloggers/authors have an individual RSS feed link, which can be used to show their individual posts on another blog/website or via a RSS reader.
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