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September 25th, 2010

Oracle Open World 2010′s CRM news

Oracle OpenWorld 2010 facilitated almost 50 sessions on a wide range of Siebel subjects. Also available were 14 demo’s, a CRM lounge, a CRM Experts forum and a CRM Social Reception. Nevertheless, news reporting on Siebel CRM was very limited and seemed to be overshadowed by the anouncement for Fusion Applications to become available Q1 2011. Below an overview of most important CRM related announcements, based on several news reporting agencies.

Fusion CRM

At a press session on Monday, Anthony Lye, Oracle senior vice president of CRM, defined Fusion as “the most modern set of applications on the planet”. The on-premise and on-demand applications are based on the same code base, enabling the ability to switch between both delivery models. “You can deploy it one way and six months later if you want to change, you can.” He added that firms can run their CRM system on one database and their financials on a separate machine, but they would still get a single view of customer data.

March 24th, 2009

Oracle Benelux User Group – Connect 2009

On Tuesday March 31, 2009 the annual Oracle Benelux User Group will be held in Antwerp. Logica will be present as one of the gold sponsor. Our key presentation is focused on Flexible employee Benefits in Oracle.

Oracle Benelux User Group Connect 2009

Employee benefits are of increasing importance in today’s labor market. The relationship between employer and employees is more mature than ever, and employees are keen on making individual benefit choices. Facilitating those individual choices is becoming increasingly challenging, and costly, for HR departments. Giving employees freedom of choice by means of self service and showing, in real time, the financial implications of individual choices is both highly motivating for employees and highly efficient for the HR department. Logica will explain her vision on this development and will, based on the Tasper Benefit Shop explain how this can be supported in an Oracle / PeopleSoft environment.

In our stand we will present a running demo of the Tasper / PeopleSoft solution. We are also providing information on Famous, our conversion and migration factory and Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA).

The last event, held in Utrecht in 2007, attracted around 800 visitors. I’m wondering how the economic situation will affect the number of attendees and the topics presented. Focus should be on cost saving solutions. Also I’m looking forward to the presentation by José Lazares on AIA. Maybe not directly a cost saving solution, but certainly the way forward in embracing the future Oracle applications.

July 3rd, 2008

CRM: Business to business marketing 2.0

The recent launch of Oracle Sales Prospector, an Oracle CRM on Demand solution that seamlessly integrates with Social Networks such as LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 tools, proves that Social Media and 2.0 technologies are slowly being adopted by companies around the world.
Recently Logica’s CRM / Siebel team was invited to organize a workshop on Business-to-Business marketing for the Student Marketing Organization of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Marc Verkuijl, Siebel Teamlead, and myself, took some time to talk to 30 Business Administration and Marketing students on CRM, Marketing and the concept of Marketing 2.0, from a business-to-business perspective.
The primary objective of this workshop was to create awareness on Logica’s Siebel CRM offerings and career opportunities for recent graduates or students that are about to graduate. We ended up debating B2B marketing 2.0 with approximately 30 students.

A short video (10 minutes) on the B2B marketing event (in Dutch)

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The slides used to introduce the concept of B2B marketing 2.0 and start a debate on whether Social Media add value in the B2B market.

November 23rd, 2007

OpenWorld 2007: Review

Open World LogoGeneral OpenWorld news

OpenWorld 2007 facts and figures:
- From 11 November until 15 November 2007
- 43.000 visitors (124 different countries)
- 1.625 sessions
- 600 demo products
- 73.000 hotel rooms
- 178 Shuttle busses
- 60.144 chairs
- 45.000 setup hours

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November 16th, 2007

OpenWorld 2007: Day 4

Open World LogoGeneral OpenWorld news

No keynotes on the last day of OpenWorld.

Podcast: Oracle and Sun VMs, Fusion revelations and more…
This week on the Dan & David Show we discuss the big news from Oracle OpenWorld–virtualization platforms from Oracle and Sun and the latest revelations about Oracle’s Fusion applications.

Check this link ( for some interesting podcasts.

Use this link to view all keynotes:


This is the only screenshot I could find for now. Watch the keynote of Larry Ellison (Wednesday) to see the second glimpse (we had the first glimpse last year) of Oracle Fusion Applications.

Fusion Apps