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Integration PeopleSoft – JobPartners ActiveRecruiter

Active Recruiter  is an Applicant Tracking System. In this case I discuss using the application for internal job application. The manager posts a concept vacancy in PeopleSoft HCM MSS. The concept vacancy only consists of some elementary data ( the department, the details of the manager, the amount of people needed, the amount of weekly hours, a jobcode, a unique identifier of the vacancy and ther closing date). But does not contain the job description or de demands. After the concept-vacancy is approved further up the organization (using PeopleSoft workflow), the concept vacancy is sent to ActiveRecruiter by means of SOAP messaging. There is a link on PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal which leads the manager to the ActiveRecruiter application with Single Signon, where he can finish the concept into a complete vacancy. There is another link on the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal which leads an employee to the ActiveRecruiter application with single signon, where he can apply on the job. ActiveRecruiter is an external application, hosted by JobPartners.

Building SOAP Messages.

Vacancy process, by Jobpartners

The SOAP message is build according to a specific format that ActiveRecruiter needs. Therefore we have used XmlDoc and SOAPDoc  to create the message.  By means of validating the SOAP you can make a real SOAPDoc out of an XmlDoc. Attributes, a method and content of the SOAPDoc can easily be added and the content  is for a great deal extracted from the database. In our version, PT 8.47, the message was not completely a proper SOAP in UTF-8. The mentioning of UTF-8 was missing and could not simply be added. Furthermore the end-tag of the body and the end-tag of the envelop were in the wrong order.  In order to fix these two problems, the SOAP is converted to a text string on which some string replacements have been taken place. After that, the text is converted back to an XmlDoc by means of the command LoadIBContent() and then validated again. On the Node-definition, there also have to be some changes to the headers of the message to make it a real SOAP. This is of great importance because ActiveRecruiter, being written in Java, makes use of a very stringent check on these matters. Because a SOAP is a synchronous message, in the feedback we can see if there are any errors. There is also an exception in PeopleCode for when the SOAP cannot be delivered due to technical problems.  These errors are triggering workflow in PeopleSoft, resulting in an email and worklist for the administrator. The administrator had a special page, on which he can fire a new message again, with the same content.

New Manager on the department.

Each vacancy typically belongs to a department rather than to a specific manager. And only managers who have – or have had – any vacancies, are known in Active Recruiter and can logon.  So when the department gets a new manager, the new manager would not be able to logon in to ActiveRecruiter and manage this vacancies. Therefore the vacancies in ActiveRecruiter also have to change to a new manager. So it is of great importance that when a departments gets a new manager, this is also messaged to ActiveRecruiter, so that the new manager is also known in Active Recruiter, and known as the manager that is linked to these specific vacancies.

Interfacing the candidates to ActiveRecruiter.

The is an application engine that creates a file with a selection of the population of employees. This file is send to ActiveRecruiter every week, so that the possible candidates for vacancies are know in ActiveRecruiter, and are able to logon and apply. The file is uploaded with SFTP.

Logging on from PeopleSoft to ActiveRecruiter using Single Signon

Schema Single Signon, door Jobpartners

Single Signon, by Jobpartners

When logging on to ActiveRecruiter, a Java applet is called from Peoplecode that generates a password conform a specified pattern that contains among other things the username, and encrypts it. PeopleSoft then posts a URL followed by the encrypted password. When decrypting it in Active Recruiter, a check is possible on the username as being a valid candidate. These are the valid candidates that were uploaded with the file as mentioned above. We made use of Java because java has much more possibilities for encryption than PeopleSoft has. In this case we used DESede/ECB/NoPadding. Java can be integrated easily with PeopleCode using a Java object.

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