Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Fusion Applications – How to get Sizing Requirement?

In the last year many of us struggled with the unknown sizing requirements for Fusion Applications. I have had many comments on the my posts and read tons of other posts from different people stating what the hardware requirements for Oracle Fusion Applications are. None of the documentation state the overall hardware requirements needed for Oracle Fusion Applications. You can find the hardware requirements for the individual components, but you can not simply sum up these requirements.

Some say 60GB RAM, some say 90GB RAM, latest I have heard was 128GB RAM.

I have heard sounds like minimum of three servers up to 14 servers.

Well let’s set it clear by what Oracle is saying on Oracle Support document 1379929.1

Oracle wants to ensure that each customer is successful with Fusion Applications and as it has over a hundred different components giving a sizing estimate has proven to be a bit of a challenge. So instead of giving a one-size fits no-one estimate Oracle has a special process in place that will lead to a proper sizing advice. It consists of contacting your Oracle Sales / Account person who in turn engages the Oracle Fusion Applications environment sizing experts team. Based up on your inputs they will provide a proper sizing report recommending the disk and memory requirements and CPU sizes for your configurations and usage level.

So let’s stop guessing, if you want to know the hardware requirements, you need to contact Oracle.

One thing is sure, Oracle Fusion Applications is not like any other ERP system and consists of many components. Creating a local sandbox is not something that can be done on a single “simple” server.

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March 30, 2012

Lol :)

If an appllication installation requires this much heaeche, what if you find an issue…

Looks like fusion application will be disaster

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