Friday, January 27th, 2012

Oracle extends Fusion Applications availability to Windows

As promised Oracle is now supplying Oracle Fusion Applications on Windows. Most system administrators and installers will probably say, why is this important?

Bringing Oracle Fusion Applications to Windows makes the application more accessible to the ‘common man’. Let’s be honest, the majority of IT does have knowledge and access to Windows, a smaller part has knowledge of Linux and an ever smaller part has any experience with IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris, not even to mention the availability of these two operation systems for the common IT. Since Oracle Fusion Applications is made up of so many Oracle components, Oracle Fusion Applications has attracted the interest of not only the ERP community, but also the attention of other communities like DBA’s, Middleware/Integration specialists, etc and they all want to get a taste of the future.

With Windows it will be easier to create a local sandbox. Saying this, I have to say expressly that you would still need to have a load of hardware and extensive knowledge of the different components that Oracle Fusion Applications runs on, like Identity Management, Access Management, WebLogic, HTTP Server, Databases, etc.

So what is there to download?


  • 22 installation DVD’s for Fusion Applications with all middleware and application components (this gives an idea how large Fusion Applications is)
  • JDeveloper with ADF
  • Documentation
  • Oracle Fusion Applications Release Update Patches (RUP)
  • BI Applications
  • Informatica Powercenter

Just downloading and storing the installation files will require  60 GB of hard disk space and these are zipped files. Extracting the zip files will require an additional 80 GB of hard disk space. Then you haven’t even started installing.

Let me mention again, that it is great that Oracle Fusion Applications is now available on Windows and therefore more accessible to a larger community, but please to not underestimate the resources (hardware, people, networking, knowledge) you will need to run this giant. And as mentioned in earlier posts, No it can not be installed on a laptop!

Also download the available UPK’s for Oracle Fusion Applications.

This will give you an insight of the GUI and functionality of Oracle Fusion Applications.

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January 27, 2012
Juan Jesus Montero
Juan Jesus Montero


First, thanks for your blog about installing Fusion App. on linux.

I’m following your posts just to learn on a 8gb-ram server. I already know it’s not enough ram memory, anyway I’m tryng it.

I’ve posted the following question in other posts and I’ve asked in Oracle Metalinkg with no answer for now (the Oracle anwser is, ask your sales representative).

The question is: imagine you finish the setup of the Fusion instance… what you get is an empty instance or a vision instance? equivalent to an r12 installation sourced from edelivery?

Many thanks, againt four your insteres.

Madrid. Spain.

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