Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

CRM: Business to business marketing 2.0

The recent launch of Oracle Sales Prospector, an Oracle CRM on Demand solution that seamlessly integrates with Social Networks such as LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 tools, proves that Social Media and 2.0 technologies are slowly being adopted by companies around the world.
Recently Logica’s CRM / Siebel team was invited to organize a workshop on Business-to-Business marketing for the Student Marketing Organization of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Marc Verkuijl, Siebel Teamlead, and myself, took some time to talk to 30 Business Administration and Marketing students on CRM, Marketing and the concept of Marketing 2.0, from a business-to-business perspective.
The primary objective of this workshop was to create awareness on Logica’s Siebel CRM offerings and career opportunities for recent graduates or students that are about to graduate. We ended up debating B2B marketing 2.0 with approximately 30 students.

A short video (10 minutes) on the B2B marketing event (in Dutch)

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The slides used to introduce the concept of B2B marketing 2.0 and start a debate on whether Social Media add value in the B2B market.

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July 3, 2008
Piyush Bakshi

A Sales Prospector…sounds so utilitarian; but it is so exciting. To have a tool that can link you to the social networking maze in a meaningful manner so that you can extract maximum benefit from it. Looking for such a tool for home-business persons.

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