Friday, December 31st, 2010

Finally Fusion Apps V1 in 2011

Oracle’s Fusion Applications v1 is finally announced this year … this could have been my opening sentence for the last 5 years but this time it is real. It is becoming very concrete now. Oracle is working with early adaptor customers to implement Fusion Applications modules next to their current application landscape. This co-existence strategy will be the strategy to convince customers to migrate to Fusion Applications in the next couple of years.

As mentioned earlier in one of my blog posts, Oracle gave us the opportunity to get a presentation about Fusion Applications on our yearly Oracle event. It was a great way to get introduced to Fusion Applications.

The announcement at Open World was that Fusion Apps v01 will be general available in Q1-2011. The first version of Fusion Applications contains the following modules:

Source: Oracle

I can’t wait until the software will be available to try it. It’s like a boy that is getting a new toy. I’m sure we will convince our customers to adapt Fusion Applications together with their current PeopleSoft, eBusiness Suite and Siebel applications. This will help our customers to become more flexible and scalable doing their business.

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