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OpenWorld 2008: Review

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Your Applications Stream
The Applications stream encompasses all of Oracle’s applications product lines including Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle’s PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Hyperion, and Agile applications. In sessions for both line-of-business and technical audiences, you’ll find product information, sneak peeks at new product releases, and presentations focused on Oracle’s strategy and vision for its applications business. This stream also includes sessions applicable across all the applications product lines, covering subjects such as applications tools and technology; midsize businesses; governance, risk management, and compliance; and Oracle Application Integration Architecture.

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Sessions are wrapping up even as I type this post, but that doesn’t mean Oracle OpenWorld is over. Far from it. Using Oracle OpenWorld On Demand you can review or share your favorite sessions and Keynotes or check out the ones you missed—any time you want. It’s also a great place to discuss everything you learned this week and stay connected with the people you met.
You can register for full access or learn more about it from this earlier blog post. Better yet, see it for yourself.

Interested in the Keynotes. Watch them here.

by Peter Slager

Oracle Fusion apps: Is 2010 delivery too little, too late?
In the world of high-tech product announcements, Jan. 18, 2006, seems like an awfully long time ago. On that date, Oracle executives, including President Charles Phillips, boasted that they were halfway through the Oracle Fusion Applications development process.
Fusion Apps was envisioned and pitched as a killer enterprise application suite: a combination of the best features and functionalities taken from Oracle’s expansive E-Business Suite, J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft and Siebel product lines.
Oracle’s master plan, noted Phillips, was to “build the next-generation of applications that are completely standard; to be the first company on the planet to build a full suite of applications for large and small companies based on standards.”
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E-Business Suite
by Wouter Schaap

In our preview we already mentioned the main focus wouldn’t be the Fusion Applications but for now R12 and R12.1, what’s new and how to upgrade. The key word is GLOBAL. During OOW there were a lot of banners about the ‘X’ and Larry Ellison himself presented the ‘X’, he announced Oracle’s first-ever hardware product, the HP Oracle Database Machine.  “Talk about extreme performance—you’re looking at the world’s fastest database machine,” said Ellison. So the motto was ‘Oracle goes Extreme”

OOW had over 1.400 session and 211 sessions on the e-Business Suite. For over 150 sessions we have the presentations available. Some examples:
Oracle E-Business Suite Product Roadmap, the leaders of Oracle E-Business Suite product strategy discuss the investment strategy driving enhancements to Oracle E-Business Suite applications and presents an overview of the next release of Oracle E-Business Suite, Release 12.1. In this session, learn about the customer-driven functional and industry enhancements and adoption of technology components that improve your overall ownership experience.

Best Practice Tips for Your Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, this session provides you with tips and tricks you can utilize to upgrade to Oracle E-Business Release 12. It demos how to more effectively utilize Oracle Maintenance Wizard, Oracle Diagnostics, and upgrade notes–available through OracleMetaLink–to assist with your upgrade. You will learn about additional services from Oracle Support that can help guide you as you upgrade to the industry-leading Oracle E-Business Suite of products. Connect, collaborate, and learn.

PeopleSoft HelpDesk Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite Human Resources Management System, world-class HR service delivery and reducing HR operating costs are top priorities for most organizations and BPOs. In this session, learn about the integration between the Oracle E-Business Suite human resources management system (HRMS) product line and Oracle’s PeopleSoft HelpDesk for Human Resources and how it can benefit you.

For most of the sessions we already have the presentations available, see the ‘Oracle Open World e-Business content’ for a complete list.

We also mentioned a session named:   ”10 Things Your Mother Didn’t Teach You About Oracle’s Middeware and Oracle Fusion Strategy” Curious? Ask for presentation S301194

During the OOW people could meet through Oracle OpenWorld blog and Oracle MIX.
Oracle Mix was the option to everyone a voice and share ideas. Groups were created to discuss applications, fusion and technology or even to meet. One group had a story:
Oracle OpenWorld attendee Debra Lilley got trapped for over 90 minutes in an elevator at the San Francisco Mariott. So she reached out to the Oracle blogging community, which helped her stay calm and have some fun. It all started on her way back to the room. The elevator stopped on her floor; as she walked out an old friend walked in, and they started to chat. The elevator began to move, and her friend hit the “stop” button. The elevator stopped for good. Stuck, they first called hotel maintenance, then hunkered down for a long wait. Laptop in hand and the hotel’s wireless network at their convenience, they reached out to blogging communities. Lilley posted to her blog and to Oracle Mix. Pretty soon, other bloggers started checking in with her. Was her plight for real? Did she need help. Someone called the hotel management. Others cracked jokes. “The Oracle home page asked ‘What can Oracle do for you?’ so I wrote ‘Rescue me!’” she chuckled. She started a group on Oracle Mix called “Stuck in an Elevator @ OOW” and got numerous responses from people who wanted to join. About 90 minutes later, the hotel engineers freed Lilley and her friend. Asked if she had advice for anyone stuck in an elevator, Lilley said, “enjoy the moment.”
(You can also view this video at ) (By Richard Levitt.)

by Tom Altena

Innovation by integration…
Movie  – 59:01 minute

Discontinuation of Subreport Support in Crystal
I’m not sure how I misheard this one, but the official source has chimed in (Colleen herself). Therefore, Support for Subreports in Crystal will NOT be dropped in future releases
Here’s some background behind subreports and Crystal.…

OpenWorld ’08: Oracle Business Intelligence for the Peoplesoft Product Line
Brad Reinders, VP of Professional Services, gives an overview of the Oracle BI Analytic Applications and the question of “Buy vs. Build”
Part1 :
Part2 :
Part3 :
Part4 :
Part5 :

by Rick van Haasteren

Oracle’s OpenWorld Revolution
Despite only a few news items regarding Siebel at this year’s OpenWorld, Social CRM managed to impress quite some people this year. CRM Buyer writes about this, looking back at OpenWorld, and is quite impressed about how Oracle leads the way to ‘CRM 2.0’.

General Session: Oracle Applications Unlimited and the Future of Applications

Nice examples of how Siebel is used in combination with other Oracle products. It shows quite clearly how TCO have come down with every new Siebel release.

Oracle boosts partner training
Oracle has announced ‘boot camps’ for Siebel 8.1 applications such as  Siebel 8.1 Loyalty & Marketing and Siebel 8.1 Self Service for its partners.

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