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OpenWorld 2007: Day 2

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There where two important keynote sessions on the second day of OpenWorld. The first one was from Thomas Kurian, which is the Senior VP of Fusion Middleware. We haven’t been able to follow the keynote live so have a look at the keynote website to watch the keynote yourself.

The second keynote was from Ed Abbo. He is the Senior VP of Applications Development. Ed Abbo is the replacement of John Wookey, who left Oracle just before OpenWorld started. During his keynote Ed Abbo talked about the new releases of E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel they have bringing out this year. He focused on the Application Integration Architecture product Oracle is building. With these processes they want to make the integration between the existing applications easier by leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware techniques.

The last part of his keynote Ed Abbo talked about the development of Fusion Applications. Yes, it is still a complete new product and Yes, it is still based on Fusion Middleware techniques. Based on portlets in WebCenter they showed some parts of the new application with a lot of fancy BAM portlets. Compared with last year I totally missed the widgets, integration with the daily used tools like excel and outlook and most important ….. timelines. He didn’t gave a timeline for the first release of Fusion Applications. Hopefully Larry Ellison will give some more information about the Fusion Application Timelines in his keynote.

Later in a Q&A session Ed Abbo pointed out that the development of Fusion Applications is still on track for 2008.

Use this link to view all keynotes:


Oracle zet Web 2.0 centraal (Dutch Article)
Fusion Middleware 11g verlegt grenzen van middleware
Oracle zet Web 2.0 centraal in zijn softwarestrategie. Web 2.0-functionaliteit wordt namelijk een basisonderdeel van Oracle’s Fusion Middelware softwarelaag, die aan de basis zal liggen van alle toekomstige applicaties van het bedrijf. Dat bleek uit demonstraties van Fusion Middleware 11g tijdens de Oracle OpenWorld conferentie in San Francisco deze week.

Oracle Execs Say Fusion Applications Remain On Track
Oracle executives insisted Tuesday that the company’s next-generation Fusion applications remain on track to begin shipping in 2008 despite the recent departure of the executive who was overseeing the project following “a functional reorganization.”

Oracle Previews Oracle(R) Fusion Middleware 11g
Modern Application Platform planned to Provide Customers a Unified and Secure Infrastructure for Building and Deploying Service-Oriented and Enterprise 2.0 Applications.

E-Business Suite

The second day of Oracel OpenWorld there was quite a lot of sessions about EBS. The PowerPoint’s of these sessions are not available yet, but we will give you some interesting phrases from the titles:

“Besides information on the upcoming releases (EBS 12 and PS 9) of each of the products, you get a high-level overview of the evolutionary path to the ultimate HCM solution on the market.”

Fusion Technology
Attend this session, which discusses a road map for the new Oracle Fusion technologies and their impact on Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 and Oracle Fusion Applications.

The SOA edition of Oracle E-Business Suite provides the unique opportunity to service-enable Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 to get native services, composite services, or Web services based on SOA principles.

When the presentations are available we will inform you and of course we will download most interesting presentations to our workspace.


Oracle Previews Planned Features of Oracle(R) Enterprise Performance Management System
Oracle today previewed the industry’s first integrated, hot-pluggable enterprise performance management system by showing the planned new enhancements to the Oracle(R) Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System. Planned new features span Oracle’s category-leading performance management applications, business intelligence applications, and technology foundation offerings. Development plans for performance management application innovations include new XBRL capabilities, improved drill back functionality, and a new profitability management application. Planned new business intelligence features include the release of Oracle’s Essbase Studio and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Smart Space.

AppCast: Preview of PeopleSoft’s Presence at OpenWorld 2007 Play! (9 min.)
Doris Wong, Vice President and General Manager, PeopleSoft Enterprise highlights some key PeopleSoft product sessions and other opportunities for PeopleSoft customers to learn more about their products at OpenWorld 2007.

Oracle Seeks to Reassure PeopleSoft Customers
At the OpenWorld conference Oracle’s PeopleSoft division head, Doris Wong, told customers the company will continue to support their products.

“Our commitment to PeopleSoft within Oracle remains, despite any messages you may be hearing out there,” said Doris Wong, vice president and general manager, PeopleSoft Enterprise, during a forum Monday night at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. As well, Wong asserted in an interview after the forum that Oracle’s communication to PeopleSoft customers will improve. “We really have been working on the messaging. We’re very crisp in our messaging now,” she said.
Right now, the company is in the design and coding phase for the 9.1 version of PeopleSoft, a release Oracle is targeting for the end of 2008, Wong said. Oracle will also produce a 9.2 version at some point, according to Wong.


BlackBerry / Siebel Solutions
Oracle’s Siebel Mobile Sales and Service application on the BlackBerry platform lets mobile sales professionals serve customers more efficiently. Siebel on BlackBerry enhances competitive advantage by enabling speedy decision-making on opportunities in real time.

Anytime, Anywhere with Siebel Mobility
Siebel mobility covers mobile Web client, handheld, and wireless clients.

Enterprise 2.0: Bringing Web 2.0 to Siebel CRM
Web 2.0 is about content, community, and collaboration. It is changing the way we design, develop, view, and use applications.

Siebel CRM on demand overview

Siebel Sales and Partner Relationship Management Suites 8.1 Overview and Road Map
Siebel Sales and Siebel Partner Relationship Management help to maximize sales and channel profitability through stronger partner collaboration, sales alignment, collaboration, and pipeline visibility.

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