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April 22nd, 2008

PeopleSoft upgrade: a job well done!

Upgrading from one version of PeopleSoft to another one is a complex job. This post gives an overview for a practice case of an upgrade from HRMS v8.3 to HCM v8.9 for three individual hospitals, located in different area’s but with a co-working system.

A mixed team of people from both technical and functional backgrounds from Logica was appointed to fulfill this task.The RFP consisted of a number of guarantees that we were required to give to the client. It also included that the hospitals would like to complete the upgrade within a specified period of time.

September 17th, 2007

Oracle BI Report Migration Utility

BI Publisher provides a utility to facilitate the conversion of Oracle Reports (version 9i and later) to BI Publisher Reports. The conversion is a two-step process requiring a data model conversion and a layout conversion using the following new APIs:

  • DataTemplateGenerator API converts the Oracle Reports data model to an XML Publisher data template.
  • RTFTemplateGenerator API converts the Oracle Reports layout to an XML Publisher RTF template.

While using this utility, I ran accross a number of errors and an incomplete user guide. Migrating Apps Reports is certainly not a straightforward task. So lets look into this migration utility.