Friday, June 24th, 2011

Fusion Applications – How we look at the near future

Recently the Oracle Applications team of Logica discussed the near future of Oracle Fusion Applications. In various breakout sessions, the team got a better understanding of Oracle Fusion.

During a joint session we had a discussion on a number of statements. A brief recap: 

  • About the question that it still would take did some years there were diverging views. The majority agreed that widespread implementation and upgrades will not be seen in the immediate future. Oracle has a tradition that it will take a while before a full product suite is not only available, but also stable and ease to implement and maintain. 
  • There is certainly a market for Fusion Applications. Both in HCM and Financials and accross all Industry Sectors. Keywords are: mobile applications, less need for customization and user friendly.
  • Fusion Applications will be a re-implementation of the current applications like PeopleSoft. To our opinion both functionally and technically the difference with the current applications are so major that upgrading is not likely. Change management will be important. Financial Applications seem already familiar with process-oriented approach. HCM is more module / function-oriented. Fusion is certainly process driven and compares better with Oracle eBusiness Suite.
  • On the question of what training would be needed, there was a dichotomy between the technical and functional consultants. The latter expected more training on new features such as integrated BI and the process approach. For the technical consultants the focus will be on Java / OAF / JDEV. A shift from customizations to configuration and integration. Impact seems bigger on technical side.

The next steps. Make it available in a sandbox environment.

Shortly after our meeting Fusion Applications became available for partners and one of our consultants is trying to implement Fusion Applications in our sandbox environment. Follow his progress!/Hakanbiroglu

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