Thursday, November 25th, 2010

PeopleTools8.50 Hints & Tips: NT Services For Multiple Applications Servers

The Environment variable PS_CFG_HOME new in this version,  has been created to hold the configuration files for the application server, batch server and search server domains.

This posts is a part of the PeopleTools 8.50 Hints & Tips series on BAOA regarding PeopleSoft 8.50 tools upgrade.

If you have more PS_HOMEs on the same machine, you can create a separate Windows Service for each environment with the next steps:

Step1 – Setting PS_CFG_HOME

Create a  .bat file in each PS_HOME/appserv folder, for example psadmin.bat. This file would contain the following:

set PS_CFG_HOME=d:\peoplesoft\hr91
Note: It is not necessary to set the PS_HOME environment variable because it will be from the executable path of PS_HOME.

Step2 – Starting PSADMIN

Run the  .bat file from each PS_HOME, and create the application server and batch server.

Note: Every time that you need to start PSADMIN, use this .bat file.

Step3 – Creating the NT Service

Run the .bat file from each PS_HOME, and configure and install Windows Service for each PS_HOME.

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